Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The IPSG has trained mediators and a volunteer has recently trained with TCM in mediating with persons who have mental health difficulties.

We have been involved in mediating some very difficult cases and steps are underway to mediate another case with a force in the Midlands.

Our own view is that internal mediation does not generally work in police forces because of the perceived lack of independence of those allocated to mediate cases.

There is a mediation bandwagon at present where companies are being paid to train up mediators within police forces.

One of the problems apparent is that the courses are often allocated to senior officers and not fairly distributed.

Perhaps mediators could be utilised from other police forces however; a barrier to this is a reluctance for those outside a police force to be made aware of internal problems.

Mediation is a good tool but more work needs to be carried out on this subject to make it work for police forces.

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